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Sub & Wrap Platters

Assorted Favorites
Feeds 15 people 56.99

Sandwich Platter
Serves 10 people 49.99


Bruschetta  19.95 35.99
Mozzarella Sticks 30.99 60.99
Franks in a Blanket 15.95/dozen
Mini Quiche 15.95/dozen
Stuffed Mushrooms 15.95/dozen
Seafood Spring Rolls 15.95/dozen


Italian Pastries, Pies, Cake
Ice Cream Pies & Cakes
Pastry & Cookie Tray
Chocolate Pizza, Cheesecakes

Desserts must be preordered. Please call for details.

Breakfast Menu

Bagels, Muffins, Croissants, Cinnamon Rolls,
Breakfast Pizza, Breakfast Sandwiches, Eggs,
Quiche, Sausage, Bacon, Home fries,
Coffee and Juice

Please contact us for a quote

Please Note – Prices are subject to change without notice

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